A happy mix of development screenshots, pictures of coffee mugs and travels.

A private group to communicate with our early birds. A public page will soon be available.

A few teasing, work-in-progress and making-of videos with a lot more on the way!

Our previous life as flash developers, made of candies and cute colourful flash games.

The beginning of a new journey

Koruldia is an indie game we (Kayser and Irie) wanted to create long time ago, and now with the right tools and experience the project is finally about to come to life! Follow us on our journey and we will do something unique!

Inspired by classic RPGs such as Final Fantasy VI to IX, recent gems like Radiant Historia or even non-RPGs (Castlevania, especially those on DS, but also recent HD/3D ones), Koruldia is mainly an offline adventure RPG focusing on a rich and mature narrative structure.

We are using a ruby framework (RGSS3, coming with the RM-VX-ACE engine), Koruldia has a unique graphic style (pixel impasto) made with a personal kind of pixel-painting and various camera point of view, spiced up with a particular set of colours. We are also spending tremendous time on lightings and background details, as this is key to game immersion.

The story

A story of legacy in a time of transhumanism...

(an upcoming video will give more information about story, blended with game footage)

You can go to the FORUM here to get more information or screenshot.

Retro style, modern twist

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