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Posté : sam. janv. 15, 2011 4:15 am
par Blue


At last, this is the videmo, a piece of the game in its final form. Well, not quite the videmo itself but a preview of it. This is a short video extracted from it (the 1st part of the videmo will be much longer and have a more elaborate scenario) to get some feedback and correct any major faults or problems.

First of all, please click here to download the preview video >>> CLICK HERE <<<

Now, the first thing to say about this video is that the sound isn’t complete. The sounds of the birds in the distance, the blowing wind, the rustling of the grass under your feet and the strange electrical sound from the plasma lamp when you get close to it, all those sounds are still to be added to the video.

Here the fights had to be deactivated as well to avoid starting a fight in the video. And finally, the number of frames per second is horrific (according to Kayser himself), but then it's meant for the members to have an idea of the videmo to come :)
Here are some screenshots from the video:


On the images you can see some flowers up on the cliff. Those are Korubanas, infected flowers that you can pick up to replenish your health. You can take red ones for more Energy points (EP) or blue ones for more attack points (AP). Here's a close up of a blue Korubana :):


In the final version, some korubanas (the flowers) will be available to pick from the ground, Kizashi will be made to walk slower, the scarf will be made to float behind him (Kayser states the scarf needs to be done in order to incorporate new scenes), there will be a few animations with a topple of the camera, a zoomed in mode. The dialog box will be visible in the final videmo with a few conversations.


This isn't a summary but rather a random collection of screenshots of the various aspects of Koruldia. You'll get to preview some of the features of the game and get a better idea of what the final game will look like.

- So first let's take a look at the battle system by downloading a preview video here, or you can also take a look at this screenshot below.
This short video of the battle system features:
* Natural lighting by controlling the sun and the moon
* Shadows that adapt to the position of the moon/sun
* A preview of the techniques (ice) that will be available
* A short part of the camera animation
* A sequence of the sounds and music for battles


- This is an illustration of the themed zones. Koruldia will be divided into different territories where the weather and the landscape will be heavily influenced by the types of korumons that live there.

This screenshot shows a part of the zone occupied by fire korumons (you can guess where the idea comes from). This is a map with a one-point perspective, where Kizashi can move closer to or further from the screen. There will probably be a dark korumon hidden in this territory and you may have to solve a puzzle to get to fight him !


- Here is an extract of one of the animations during a conversation with another key character. The camera zooms in the scene and you can see more details:


- This is the inside of the guardian's haven. The guardian visible on the screenshot sells potions (blue and red ones visible behind him, made with blue and red korubana):


- And finally one last image to show you the amazing zoom system. It would be mainly used for indoors scenes to fill in some of the extra free space when you enter a small room. The room in the screenshot is the basement of the haven on the previous image.
* the bed can be used to take a free nap and recover some of your health (which will make the hours go by when you use it, but won't help you recover amazing amounts)
* the pc is old but enough to back up the korumote (which you use to give directions to korumons in battle)
* this is the free alternative of the resting centres that you will use in the game to recover. Those centres will be entirely automated and won't have any human presence aside from guests
* and last but not least, worry not because kayser says there is a way to stay away from being broke and having to live off scraps :p


Please feel free to comment on the video and on any of the screenshots because any modification of the content of the videmo will be adapted to the reviews and feedback of the members! Hope you've enjoyed this extensive piece of news and those great screenshots !

Posté : lun. janv. 17, 2011 10:31 pm
par Josh
well done on the translation Blue :)
I understand it well.

Posté : mar. janv. 18, 2011 12:00 am
par Blue
Hey Josh! Feel free to correct the mistakes, I tend to write loads of rubbish :P