Korulimbo, first spoilers!

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Korulimbo, first spoilers!

Message non lu par Blue » dim. mai 12, 2013 2:40 pm

[ 17 September 2012] KORULIMBO, first screenshots of the game.

This is only the beginning…

These are the first screenshots of the game KoruLimbo, it will be followed with other graphic updates, which will eventually lead to a commented video on subtleties of the game-design.

(KoruLimbo is an A-RPG for PC and Xbox360 spinning off from the Koruldia universe. The scenarios are tied to the ones from the Koruldia game but not dependent on them. This game will be released far ahead of Koruldia and will not need an understanding of the more complex universe in the actual Koruldia game.


Here are 2 screenshots of the typical outdoors environment in the game. The outdoors map will often lead to dungeons, undergrounds and caves. A screenshot of a lake environment will follow shortly so you can get an idea of the water rendering.

Please click on the previews below to see the full images in HD 720p in a new window

( the forum cannot host the full-size image and the usual 'magnify' option doesn't work in the news section in the menu up there

^ This is a typical forest map. The character will have a rather long reach and ennemies (such as the knights on the screen) can shoot projectiles at you.

^ These are 3 common korumons (that's what rodents are for). This map is 8960 pixels wide.

The level design works by 64x64 tiles, and the graphics are made using pixel-painting (similar to pixel-art but 32bit instead of 8bits, so everything is drawn by hand.
The 'Zelda-inspired' perspective is even more noticeable in dungeons (next news article) (ennemies won't be able to hide behind walls and cliffs, but can be standing behind trees).

About the HUD display... It's quite technical so I'll wait until the video presentation of the game to talk about it. In the meanwhile you can have a short preview of it:
(the currency here is the Koruldia. You will see it in the next HUD screenshot: the precious liquid is under the shape of an orb which will be drawn to you when you get close enough. The different values will take the shape of different types of orbs.

(You will be able to play this game on PC with an Xbox controller, vibrations are then taken into account and you can move around with the stick)
The colours of the keys on the HUD and their positions correspond to the keys on the Xbox controller.

« What? The blue and red lines are not health bars or something? »
Bingo... but they're also keys that you can press. :dent:
When you press one of these 4 keys, they will be highlighted on the HUD. The green one is for attacking and you can assign an object shortcut to the yellow one (like a potion for when you're about to die in a fight).

I'll explain the red and blue bars in my next video presentation.


A side note:
These are beta screenshots and more refining is needed on the graphics. And I also need to add bushes/flowers such as the KORUBANAS which you can pick up to make different sort of potions.

There will also be mist, fireflies, a finer light/shadow balance, and the water will be made to reflect the sky depending on the time of the day.
UP ! The long awaited 3rd screenshot
(click to see the full image in 720p)

More information in a following post.
>> You can also click here for the French version of the post and try out your awesome language skills from school.

Next update will follow shortly! Thank you for your patience :clin:
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Message non lu par Josh » lun. juin 17, 2013 2:56 am

It looks really well, i'm glad to see Koruldia didn't lose its momentum :)