Explore an alien world riddled with ominous wonders and puzzles.

Koruldia Heritage is an adventure RPG where you can dive into people's memories, be ruthless or merciful. Discover fascinating worlds born from our special pixel-painting technique, "Pixel Impasto".

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94% YES votes! 261% funded!
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"You can explore as you see fit, crisscrossing the strange, alien world to uncover new areas – or dive into other characters’ memories."

"I’m curious to poke around its strange, alien and apparently metaphysical world."

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"This is probably one of the most interesting crowdfunded games I've seen all year."

"Koruldia Heritage Gives Off Undertale and Final Fantasy VI Vibes"

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Koruldia Heritage is curated by Square Enix Collective (94% YES) and greenlit by the Steam community.

Thanks for all the support until now!

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On Twitter for a happy mix of development screenshots, pictures of coffee mugs and travels.

On Facebook with the Koruldia fan-page, pretty convenient to follow every news with pictures.

On Youtube for a few teasing, work-in-progress and making-of videos and a lot more on the way!

On DA for our previous life as flash developers, made of candies and cute colourful flash games.

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Koruldia Heritage started as a self-funded project. This has allowed us to explore freely and iterate on lots of prototypes. We have poured countless hours into shaping the game over the past few years, coming up with a distinctive gameplay, narrative and of course visual identity.

In December 2018, we had a successful Kickstarter campaign (261%). You can still support us, be in the game and receive the rewards via PayPal!

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